118 Kids Committed Suicide: 2015 St Louis Depression Statistics


A brief with data compiled by the researchers of University of St. Louis – Missouri last April 2015, which was published by the Missouri Institute of Mental Health, revealed that depression is the second highest reason as to the suicide of the youth in Missouri. 2015 St Louis Depression Statistics disclosed that in Missouri, 118 kids from ages 10 to 24 years old died by their own hands due to this mental health disorder (2013 data). More on the fact, teenage boys in that suicide statistic are more than girls, and nearly 50% of these suicides were gun-involved.

What Is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that can impair a person’s daily function – just like that. For no visible or physical reason, the person will not be able to do his everyday activities such as work or things that he enjoys. The feelings of total sadness, extreme anger, or loss and hopelessness, is what constitutes depression. Even with its sad suicide statistic, as mentioned above, depression is prevalent. The CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that sometime in 2013 to 2016, 8.1 American adults have experienced depression.


What Are Signs And Symptoms Of Depression?

Depression is different from one person to another, but the most common factors include:

–    Irritable mood

–    Anger issues

–    Anxiousness

–    Feelings of emptiness, sadness, and hopelessness

–    Loss of interest in things that the person once loved or enjoyed

–    Fatigue

–    Loss of libido

–    Lacks focus

–    Cannot concentrate

–    Won’t be able to finish even simple daily tasks

–    Socially withdrawn

–    Cannot sleep or sleeps most of the day

–    Crying all the time and won’t get out of bed

–    Body pains

–    Use of substances like drugs and alcohol

–    Doing dangerous activities like unprotected sex with strangers, promiscuity, illegal and criminal acts, and the likes

–    Self-harm

–    Suicidal thoughts

These signs and symptoms are present in men, women, and children who are depressed.


Is There A Treatment For Depression?

Yes. If these signs are present in you, then, it is highly likely that you are depressed. Go to your medical doctor immediately so he can recommend the best course of action for you. Usually, it’s a combination of therapy or counseling, and medication. For some, physical activities are suggested.