Brain Attack Prevention Tips From The 2016 New Orleans Stroke Awareness Month

The 2016 New Orleans Stroke Awareness Month was the first cerebrovascular-related thing that our family ever celebrated. You see, it was during the same year when my father survived a brain injury, which could have been fatal if the doctors did not attend to him at once. Because of that, we have decided since then to volunteer and take part in whatever activity that various concerned organizations want to do to boost everyone’s awareness about stroke.

Nevertheless, one of the aspects that become highlighted in such a celebration annually is the prevention of the brain attack. Check out some tips on how to reduce the risk of having a stroke.


1. Don’t Smoke

The first thing to get rid of is your smoking habit. Regardless if you use tobacco or e-cigarette, they both produce similar or worse chemicals than a regular cigarette. The nicotine will not only stain your teeth or cause plaque buildup; it will eventually thicken your blood vessels and lower the oxygen in your blood.

2. Look After Your Heart

You should also ensure that nothing’s wrong with your heart. To be specific, it is not supposed to beat faster than usual because too much blood will then pool inside the heart. That increases the chances of having clot, which may move to the brain and induce a stroke.


3. Make Sure Your Blood Pressure And Sugar Levels Are Normal

Diabetes and hypertension are two common illnesses that may cause brain attack. The reason is that fat or cholesterol build up can thicken the artery walls and cut the supply of oxygen in the brain when your blood pressure or sugar levels go through the roof. They need to remain within the normal range to prevent a stroke.

Final Thoughts

Stroke is among the most typical causes of death in the United States. In truth, one in every 20 deaths recorded is due to this brain injury. Nevertheless, you may avoid becoming a victim of a cerebrovascular accident once you follow the tips above.