Health Problems Caused By Obesity



Medical professionals agree that obese people are more prone to health problems and diseases caused by the unnecessary weight. People diagnosed with obesity are advised by doctors and nutritionist to start changing their lifestyle for the sake of their well being.

To give you an overview of the adverse effect caused by obesity, here is a comprehensive list.

Heart Disease

Obesity increases the risk of having Hearth Disease. It causes the left ventricle to enlarge which increases the factor of a heart failure. Fatty tissues will surround the heart creating it to have a hard time pumping blood. Other cardiovascular problems are also directly linked to obesity such as arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, heart valve problems and stroke.



Obesity can cause osteoarthritis in earlier than expected. It mostly affects the hip, knee and the lower back. The extra weight creates additional pressure on the joints that quickly damage the cartilage. Weight loss program for obese people is advised to relieve the symptoms and retain normal body functions.



Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition wherein a person snores heavily and then stops breathing for short periods of time. It causes fatigue during the day and heart failure in worst cases. This medical condition increases its risk as the body fat increases. Overweight individuals are advised to lose weight to lower its chances.



There are series of cancer that is directly connected with obesity and overweight. These diseases include cancer of the cervix, breast, colon, uterus, gallbladder, and ovary. Obese individuals are recorded to have higher chances of metastasizing cancer cells compared to individuals with healthy body weight. Supporting this fact is that a high calorie and a high-fat diet can increase the risk of these medical conditions.



Diabetes is a kind of an incurable disease that significantly affects the lives of those who are diagnosed to have it. Obese people who have their fat centered at their abdomen are more susceptible to getting the disease.  People are given medications so they can function normally. They are advised by doctors to avoid some food groups that can worsen the symptoms of the said disease. Fat increases the body’s resistance to insulin, so patients need to receive a regular shot to maintain the body functions.



Gout is a widespread health condition in an overweight populace. It is a kind of disorder which affects the joints, making it swell, and feel pain due to a substance called uric acid. A dietary change is advised by the doctor to lessen the occurrence of this disorder.



Doctors and medical professionals approve that obesity should not be taken lightly due to health risks it involves. Consulting a nutritionist is a good suggestion to improve the quality of food intake. It minimizes the probability of over calorie consumption for those who are already suffering from obesity. A regular exercise and a quick workout routine are recommended for weight regulation. Seek professional help if you experience from any of the health conditions above.