Sadness is Transient


Who doesn’t feel sad from time to time? There are some who go on for days feeling sad and lonely and it’s an awful feeling. You can find you don’t want to interact with others and just want to be alone and at ease with your own company. It’s not as uncommon as you might think and if you think about it, sadness is all around us. However, sadness is transient and it doesn’t have to overtake our lives.

What is Transient?

Sadness is transient simply because it’s impermanent. Transient is all about a passing emotion and that essentially means even though you feel sad, the emotion will eventually go away. Now, for some, they can feel as though their sadness will never go away and while it might remain with you for quite a long time, it is just a passing emotion. Transient is a something like a fleeting ship in the night; you can feel overwhelmed with sadness but the next day you can feel far better. Despite what you might think, sadness doesn’t have to be with us in everything we do and while we can feel sad at times, it doesn’t always have to be a permanent fixture. That is why sadness is transient.

How Can We Deal With Sadness?

You have to remember, sadness is transient; it feels overwhelming at times but it passes over. Sometimes, sadness is replaced with happiness or anger; there are truly a host of emotions in which sadness can be replaced by. In a sense, it’s a semi-permanent feature because it can be with us for a long time but it’s not the only emotion we will feel. Yes, sadness can be with us throughout our lives but again, it’s not a permanent feature. We can start to overcome this sadness.

Overcoming Emotions and Sadness

sadnessWhen you feel sad, how do you cope with it? Do you turn to food as a comfort or are you someone who puts it to the back of your mind? For most, they go through a whole host of emotions and they can be easily overcome. If you want to get over these emotions you have to let them run its course. It’s like when you have a cold, you have to let the cold run its course in order to fully overcome. Yes, we can treat the sadness but sometimes you just mask it instead which isn’t always that helpful.

Leave Sadness Behind

We can’t always be 100% happy every day as we’re not robots but sadness can be less impacting on our lives if we want it to be. For starters, we can do more positive things and really help to ensure sadness is transient and very short. This will help someone overcome their feelings of sadness and allow them to move on with their lives. It’s really a useful tool and one that is going to help people time and time again. Leave sadness behind you.