Why Good Posture is Important

You may have heard a lot of people telling you to “sit up straight” or “do not slouch.” Yet, you still do not understand why it is necessary to do so. Sitting up straight or not slouching requires a bit more effort or body strength from us. As much as we hate it, we have to admit that a good posture is equally important as having good eyesight. Some people put a bit of emphasis on good posture maybe because they know something we do not. Worry not! Let me tell you why a good posture should be considered a gem by everyone and how it is vital in having good health.

Good posture eases breathing

I know! This may not be really obvious or observable given that we can all still inhale and exhale normally while slouching in front of our laptops. However, a good posture actually affects the way we breathe. When we slouch, our frontal muscles tighten and our rib cage collapses a bit. When that happens, breathing becomes a bit difficult for our lungs.

Source: managebackpain.com

In addition, a good posture allows an easy flow of oxygen throughout the necessary organs that need it to function efficiently. You may feel fine slumped over a book while sitting on a bench. But, remember that your brain needs to have enough oxygen to function well. So, the next time you open that book, read it not only with a good eyesight but also with a good posture.

Good posture helps your bones and joints

No amount of calcium-filled ice cream will ever do any good to your body unless you add some good posture and a few cherries and chocolate sprinkles on top. If there is anything inside of your body that is actually affected by your posture, those are your bones and joints. You may not see it but it is there. Our bones are all perfectly aligned so that they can carry and balance all the weight of our bodies. If we have an improper posture, our body fails to distribute the weight evenly. Thus, it creates stress on the joints. Just look at how our spine absorbs all the stress whenever we slouch.

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The extra weight on our bones can also give us back and neck pains, or in worse cases, an injury. Our bones allow our muscles to work more efficiently. After all, our bones are what braces our whole body together.

Good posture makes you look confident

There is a reason why most movies portray bullied kids as a slouched boy with a large backpack and thick glasses. A bad posture makes us look vulnerable and weak. Your posture can also draw the line between you and your friend wearing the same outfit. It doesn’t matter if you are short or if you have a few extra pounds on you that you think does not look good. What looks good is not your height or your weight. It’s your posture. A good posture makes you look and feel confident. There is power in straight bodies and relaxed shoulder blades.

Source: au.askmen.com

Now that you know why a good posture is necessary for a healthy body, go on and improve that posture. Make a few changes to your lifestyle if you think that would help your posture. Exercise and let your body want that feeling of confidence and strength that a good posture gives.